Precision Expertise

The Core of Excellence: Our Rebuilds Department

Specialising in comprehensive services for engine, gearbox, differential, and shock rebuilds. Our team's expertise extends to engine development, enabling us to create high-performance power plants for our clients. Additionally, we are highly skilled at restoring cars with great attention to detail, preserving the heritage of iconic vehicles with utmost care and precision.

Engine Rebuilds

Talented Performance, One Engine at a Time

Zomer Groep, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Wevers Sports, is primarily dedicated to supporting Wevers Sport customers, focusing on engine rebuilds for Skoda and Volkswagen R5 cars. In addition, it operates independently with the goal of becoming a leading rebuild and engineering company. This includes the ability to develop specialized engines for controlled competitions.

Zomer Race Engines: One of the turners

For many years we tune and prepare high performance engines for rally, rallycross and race. Zomer Race Engines is specialized in the preparation and tuning of Ford, Volkswagen, Renault and Peugeot engines. Of course we are also there to tune and build engines from other brands up to your preferences. The Zomer Motorsport race engines are developed by our engineers to deliver top performance in combination with maximum reliability.

Zomer Engineering : We develop engines

We understand how important it is to continue an on-going development. Therefore our engineers are always looking for better and more as we like to provide you this winning engine for now but also for the future. Our engineers have the disposability of most high sophisticated and advanced 3D CAD and simulation computer software in order to engineer and design all special and high end racing-parts in house.

Zomer Revision: We rebuild engines

Originally Zomer started as a company specialized in the rebuild and revision of engines. Today Zomer Revision is still the base of our company. No matter if this is a motorcycle, car or truck or boat engine. Many years of experience is used to bring your engine back in new state. Ready for many years of use in another reliable engine life!