August 30, 2023

Introducing Taurus! Rally Raid Revolutionaries

MCE-5 and Wevers Sport announce the creation of TAURUS to dominate off-road competitions in the highly competitive T3 class.

The most efficient car in the World Rally Raid Championship now has a name, thanks to a joint venture between two industry leaders: MCE-5 and Wevers Sport. This announcement marks the beginning of a new era in motorsport and promises to take the passion for speed to unprecedented levels.

In less than a year since its inception, this vehicle designed for speed and adrenaline has already established itself as the undisputed leader in its category. Thanks to the collaboration between MCE-5 and Wevers Sport, this vehicle now bears a name that will be on everyone's lips: TAURUS!

Wevers Sport, with over 25 years of experience as a reference in the field of assistance and parts distribution in motorsport competitions, joins forces with MCE-5, a company recognized in the automotive sector for over 22 years for its excellence in the development of engine engineering. This strategic alliance is the result of two companies that have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields and are now combining their strengths to reach a new level.

TAURUS, a name that represents strength, combativeness, endurance and determination, perfectly embodies the spirit of this cutting-edge rally raid vehicle. The alliance between MCE-5 and Wevers Sport will usher in a revolution in the world of racing.

At the core of this joint venture is the TAURUS T3 Max, classified in the T3 category for off-road competitions. This vehicle has proven to be the most efficient over the past year, with outstanding performances in the stages of the Dakar Rally, the World Rally Raid Championship (W2RC) events in Abu Dhabi, Sonora (Mexico), and the Desafi?o Ruta 40 (Argentina), where it won with American driver Mitchell Guthrie, as well as the Baja Qatar.

The TAURUS T3 Max has achieved an impressive success with just one car taking part in Dakar 2023, the MCE-5 won 5 stages, finished on podium 7 times and achieved 11 top 7s out of 14 stages. Combining these results from the four W2RC events, where it secured two victories and competed for top positions, along with its triumphant debut in the Baja Qatar, it has placed in the Top 1 in 31% of the timed sections and in the Top 3 in 63%, surpassing the competition even with more vehicles in the race. Thanks to this astonishing performance, Guthrie leads the World Rally Raid Championship in the T3 category.

To take the TAURUS T3 Max to the next level, TAURUS leverages Wevers Sport's experience as a service and assistance team and parts distributor. With over 260 clients and shipments to more than 90 countries, Wevers Sport boasts a fully automated system and extensive stock, ensuring that orders placed before 13:00 hours are shipped the same day.

The success of the TAURUS T3 Max lies in its low maintenance costs and excellent performance, supported by MCE-5's development and Wevers Sport's experience in the world of rally and rally raid for its continuous evolution, manufacturing, and support. This year, 12 vehicles have been produced, and all have already been sold.

For 2024, only 30 units will be manufactured. Through, the official TAURUS website that offers a unique experience, vehicles can be purchased online, customised, delivery dates can be arranged, and spare parts can be ordered.

TAURUS will be present at the Rally of Morocco from October 12 to 18, with Mitch Guthrie Junior, who is competing for the T3 class title, and Saudi driver Dania Akeel, who will then participate in the Baja Jordan, conduct a rigorous test in the Empty Quarter in the United Arab Emirates, and race in the final round of the Saudi Championship in Jeddah.

For 2024, TAURUS will kick off the season with six vehicles at the Dakar Rally, which will take place from January 5 to 19 in Saudi Arabia, and in the remaining events of the World Rally Raid Championship.

For more information on pricing and services, visit, the easiest and most effective way to access all information about TAURUS and its products.

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About MCE-5:
MCE-5 is a prominent automotive company known for its excellence in the development and manufacturing of off-road vehicles and the registration of over 140 product patents for the motorsports industry. With a focus on performance and reliability, MCE-5 has earned an enviable reputation in the world of off-road racing through the T3.

About Wevers Sport:
Wevers Sport is a leader in the field of assistance and parts distribution in the world of motorsport. With over 25 years of experience, Wevers Sport has provided excellent service to clients worldwide, including WRC, WRC2, and the legendary Dakar Rally.

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